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ORCCNT Playday Rules

(revised Feb 2018)

All games will be run in accordance with the AASP&RC (American Association of Sheriff Posses and Riding Clubs) and the ORCC Arena Team rules.  Rules set forth by the ORCC Arena Team will take precedence.


Playdays will start promptly at 10:00a.m.  The arena will be cleared 15 minutes to start in order to complete the event setup.  There will be no riding in the arena during this time. Late arrivals will be able to ride the first event ONLY if the event is still in the arena.  All riders must sign a Release/Hold Harmless Agreement. A parent/legal guardian must sign the waiver for minors. Anyone on horseback, participating in a playday or not, must sign a Release/Hold Harmless Agreement.


Playday – Free or $5.00 per event to qualify for awards                        

Arena Fee - $5.00 per playday

Exhibitions - $2.00 each (ran after each event)


Only judges and arena workers may be inside the arena during the playday events.  It is mandatory to sign up to work during each playday at the sign-up table when you enter.  EACH RIDER (INTERMEDIATE AND UP) MUST WORK AT LEAST 1 EVENT PER PLAYDAY TO REDEEM POINTS FOR THAT PLAYDAY.  FOR YOUNGER RIDERS, AN ADULT MUST WORK.


A limited amount of Exhibitions will be allowed per day.  Exhibitions can be eliminated at the discretion of the arena team.            


The area around the gates MUST be kept clear at ALL times.  Children at play, need to do so in the “NO Horse” Zone which includes the playground.


Pets should be on a leash at all times.  No pets are allowed in the arena.


The rider should enter and exit with their horse under control, exiting at a walk if at all possible.  At the discretion of the judge(s) and arena team leader, a rider can be warned and ultimately disqualified for the event if this rule is not adhered to.  


A rider’s name will be called three (3) times only.  If unable to make the call, it is up to the rider to inform the announcer of the problem (i.e. broken tack or other problems).  If the announcer is not notified by the third call, the rider will be disqualified.


The announcer stand is off limits to anyone except the arena team committee members, arena workers, or those who are specifically requested to come to the announcer stand.


The use of profane language, alcohol, underage tobacco use or disorderly conduct of any kind will be sufficient cause for disqualification from any ORCC arena activity.  At the discretion of any Arena Team Leader, Security, Pastor, or Elders; a rider, spectator or any other person including team leader and workers may be asked to vacate the premises if this rule is not adhered to.


If the parent of a rider so desires, he/she may be present in the arena to assist the rider for reasons of the rider’s safety only.  Parents will need to leave the arena once the rider starts the event. A parent may wait for the rider outside of the gate. Only judges will be allowed in the arena during runs.  The rider cannot have any assistance past the timer line to compete in the event unless he/she is participating in the Leadline class.  Anyone else that has assistance past the timer line will receive a “no time.”


Western/English equipment is compulsory (i.e. no bareback rigging or pads).  Helmets may be worn at the discretion of the rider.


An inquiry or protest must be presented prior to the start of the next event to the arena team committee.  No Re-runs will be allowed due to contestant equipment failure AFTER passing the timer line. When the committee makes a decision, that decision is final.

CLASSES   Classes will run in this order:

Leadline, Super Senior, Super Pee Wee, Pee Wee, Junior, Intermediate, Senior

Riders may choose to compete and qualify for awards in no more than 2 classes; their age class and the class above. To compete in 2 classes, all fees must be paid for both classes.


When ribbons are available, ribbons will be awarded to the first six (6) places in each event only if the rider requested ribbons upon entering.  


Points received for each event will be as follows:              

  • 1st – 6 pts
  • 2nd – 5 pts
  • 3rd – 4 pts
  • 4th – 3 pts
  • 5th – 2 pts
  • 6th – 1 pt


To qualify for awards, there must be four (4) qualified riders per class.  Classes may be combined at the discretion of the playday committee to meet these qualifications.

You must participate in a minimum of 80% of playdays in the series.

You must be a paid rider.

Each intermediate rider or above is required to work at each attended playday.  For riders in classes under intermediate, anyone 15 years to adult may work for them (see work list during signup).  


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